The Growing Popularity of Live Casino Games in India

The people of India have long enjoyed the thrill and flutter of gambling. Laying bets, whether it’s on sports outcomes or simple dice and card games, has been legal in India for centuries. Today, online gambling is permitted in all but a handful of Indian states – so as long as you don’t live in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana or Tamil Nadu, and potentially Karnataka, too, it’s perfectly legal to engage in this hugely popular pastime.

What’s more, it’s also allowed for Indian citizens to sign up with overseas operators – provided all transactions take place in Indian rupees. Indians now have access to many exciting and new innovations. One of these is live casino. Read on to learn more about this popular option.

The Growing Popularity of Live Casino Games in India

What is a live-casino?

The arrival of online gambling sites in the late 20th century transplanted the fun of brick-and-mortar casinos into a virtual setting. Although this made them much more accessible to all people around the globe, it meant that the real thrill of going into a live casino and talking with a real dealer or croupier was gone.

A live casino game was created by several operators to try and reclaim this aspect. This retains all of the rules and features of the most popular casino games, such as blackjack, poker and roulette – but with one important addition: a real-life dealer dishing out cards and a real-life croupier spinning the wheel in real-time.

It’s so popular.

It only takes one glance at the latest industry statistics to understand that offerings like the live casino for Sportsbet have gone down a storm with the Indian people. This is why? The social aspect of gambling, along with the chance to win money, is one of the biggest draws. Due to the nature of online casino games, it was difficult for players and dealers to interact with one another.

Live casinos give gamblers the opportunity to experience this community spirit again. Whether it’s asking a dealer to explain the nuances of the game’s rules or exchanging pleasantries with your fellow bettors, the inclusive nature of live casino is what makes it so appealing. Add to this the crystal-clear resolution and advanced graphics of the livestream feeds and it’s easy to see why partaking in a live casino game is as close as you can get to experiencing the real thing – without leaving your home.

What is next for live casinos?

The superior technology available at live casino sites means they can provide a truly authentic experience for players. As software capabilities improve, this trend will only grow.

For example, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are already being incorporated into video games, so it’s really only a matter of time before they make the next step to the world of gambling. Imagine a live casino where you could interact with others on the floor and move around in real-time. It may seem futuristic and impossible, but such an event is within our reach.

Live casino has proven itself to be a hugely popular innovation among the Indian populace – and it’s undoubtedly here to stay. Find out what all the fuss is about!

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