The Good Place Season 4: Netflix Release Date and Schedule

The third season of “The Good Place” was an absolute delight to watch. Moreover, the audience of the series still feels the nostalgia of the third season. It is time to move forward. According to the showrunners, the fourth season of “The Good Place” is also the final season. It seems like the beginning of the end for the series and Eleanor Shellstrope.

NBC did a perfect thing in curating “The Good Place,” and now the audience cannot contain themselves from watching the final season. It is finally the time for the viewers to say goodbye to their beloved show.

Good things should come to an end

the good place

Everything good in this world comes to an end, even the beloved TV-Series. The creator of the series Michael Schur said that the fourth season of “The Good Place” is the final season. Moreover, Michael Schur also feels that the time is perfect to end the series.

The filming of The Good Place’s fourth season came into being in April. Both the crew and the cast members have returned to get the series on track. According to sources, the series is going to return to the original network NBC in September 2019.

When would The Good Place head to Netflix?

Fans of the series are wondering as to when The Good Place would hit Netflix. The fans of the series know that The Good Place first features on NBC and then it makes its way to Netflix. However, binge-watching the series is entirely justified. The fourth series is most likely to come to Netflix after the fourth season completes on NBC network.

As far as the Netflix Subscribers are concerned, they should expect the arrival of the fourth season next year in September. It is loud and clear that The Good Place is not going to have a fifth season. The fourth season of “The Good Place” is set for release on the 27 September 2019.

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