The Good Doctor season 5 episode 4 promo: release date & air time


We recognize that change can be challenging for Dr. Shaun Murphy on The Good Doctor, and you’re going to see even more examples of that moving forward. Season 5 Episode 4 is poised to air on ABC in just a matter of days and just based on the promo below, it’s fair to say a lot of drama is coming between him and Salen Morrison.

So what is the issue at the part of “Rationality”? Shaun and the other doctors will be treating a young patient who has a devoted father like no other. This is a man who has researched his son’s condition for years on end and, at times, caught things some other doctors have missed. With this in mind, she wants the man treated like a consulting physician on the case, even though he is not an actual doctor. This enrages Shaun, who feels like he shouldn’t be in the room at all times unless he’s fully qualified.

The Good Doctor season 5 episode 4 promo: release date & air time

Much of the issue speaks to not only Shaun’s frustration over all the sudden changes but also the simple fact that Salen tends to be thinking in terms of the bottom line first. We’re not sure if she thinks having the father around will help; it may just be a matter of appeasement or a way to build a loyal “customer.” She operates with the assumption that patients are clients, and with that, she thinks about business first.

We have a hard time thinking that Monday’s episode will be the end of the Salen saga at all; for Shaun, things may get worse before they get better. But, remember that she’s also got some enormous banners of Shaun for the hospital that he didn’t sign off on, and that’s going to come back to be a problem eventually.

What do you most want to see on The Good Doctor, season 5, episode 4?

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