The former cricket Inter-Colonial Tournament

Cricket started to be played at a big scale during the 19th century in the Caribbean region. The website can be visited at any moment in order to place great wagers on these championships. Many individuals from the islands and abroad were quite enthusiastic about the sport. For this reason, different tournaments started to be organized.

One of the first professional cricket tournaments played in this part of the world was the Inter-Colonial Tournament. Many teams from the region known as the West Indies participated here. The West Indies national team is also featured on the 1xBet website, which offers excellent in-play and live betting options.

The former cricket Inter-Colonial Tournament

Recurring participants

The Inter-Colonial Tournament was celebrated between 1893 and 1938. The tournament is long defunct. However, online betting on cricket is on and can also be made on other tournaments played in this part of the world.

The teams who regularly participated in the competition were:

  • Barbados;
  • British Guiana;
  • and Trinidad.

It is argued that the first competition of this kind was played in 1891 rather than 1893. However, this 1891 edition was plagued with logistical problems, and for this reason, it is not recorded as a proper championship. The best online betting on cricket is available on 1xBet, and punters can use this website to wager on these exciting international matches.

It is also important to consider that Jamaica was another nation who was also invited to take part in the championship. However, this country was geographically farther than the other three. For this reason, and due to the high expenses of their trips to and from the islands, they never took part in the tournament.

A clear winner

When looking at the overall results of the Inter-Colonial Tournament, it is possible to see that Trinidad was the most winning squad. Punters can find all sports betting app in India – which allows its members to wager on the Trinidad and Tobago team.

They won the competition a total of 11 times. Barbados was a close second with 10 titles. Finally, British Guiana was the least winning team of the tournament overall, with just 5 titles.

Trinidad and Barbados were quite close to each other in terms of number of titles. However, it should be noted that the Trinidad team participated in 24 final matches out of the 27 played in total. This makes this squad the true dominating force of the Inter-Colonial Tournament. The West Indies team is a powerful side that is located in the Caribbean, and the 1xBet India all sports betting app offers wagers on its matches.

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