The Extremely Strange Events That Happened At Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wedding To Francie Frane


The Extremely Strange Events That Happened At Dog The Bounty Hunter's Wedding To Francie Frane

Dog the Bounty Hunter married Francie Frane on September 2 at The Pinery at the Hill in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Francie wore a flowing white dress while Dog sported a black tuxedo with an open-collar white shirt along with his trademark sunglasses on his face, per the Daily Mail. Although his attire was not the most bizarre part of the ceremony it was certainly the most interesting. Jon Chapman’s three sons Leland Chapman and Garry Boy Chapman accompanied him as he walked down the aisle. Francie and Dog each prepared their own vows. “Francie, I give you my word, I will love you every day until I die,” Dog made his vows. “I will love you, guard you and protect you,” He added. This was relevant to the bizarre events that took place during the ceremony.

Dog provided additional security for the 100-person event. There were trained Navy SEALs along with German Shepherds to provide extra protection, as “an anonymous person threatened to throw paint on Francie’s wedding gown,” per the Daily Mail. One attendee told the outlet that somebody had slashed their car tires, and another guest said a “mysterious pungent odor” was left in their car. According to Daily Mail, many guests believed that this vandalism was Dog’s daughters. You can read on to find out why they were suspected.


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