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The Different Variations of Online Roulette Available in the UK

Roulette has become a household international casino game after originating from France in the 18th century. As the growth of online casinos has become more prominent in the UK, roulette game providers have had to adapt to stay competitive in a demanding market. This has led to the creation of innovative variations of classic roulette that stay true to the original game whilst also adding extra appeal.

Penny Stakes Roulette

Most UK online casinos are now easily accessible to players thanks to advances in modern technology, meaning online roulette can be played from anywhere. There are a variety of high and low stakes games available, as well as regional variations such as European roulette and American roulette. If you play online roulette at Betfair Casino, there is a variation called ‘Penny Roulette’. This is the lowest stakes roulette game available, as it allows players to bet with the lowest possible denomination of chips.

Lower stakes games such as Penny Roulette can be popular with newer players as it gives them a chance to learn how the game mechanics work without having to risk a large amount of money. Play-money roulette games are also another popular option for newer players, but Penny Roulette allows players to ease into the regular money games.

Live Dealer Roulette

As the popularity of live streaming continues to grow through a range of platforms, Live dealer dealt online casino games have started to become staples of the online casino industry and are available at the majority of UK online casinos. These games allow players to play against a real dealer or croupier through a webcam and offer a more authentic casino experience. Live dealer dealt roulette is especially popular as players can actually communicate with the dealer and they can physically see the wheel being spun, giving the game a more dynamic edge.

Another aspect of live roulette games that appeals to players is the fact you can play at the same table as other people. Many bettors enjoy the interaction that comes with playing casino games as it can provide additional entertainment. Online live roulette provides players with the option to access the game from anywhere whilst still being able to sample the casino experience.

Themed Roulette

Some variations of online roulette have a running theme integrated into the game. TV and films have often been used as sources of inspiration for casino game themes and this has led to the creation of various roulette games. An example of this is the character Superman, who has been used as inspiration for a variety of DC video games and has also provided inspiration in the online casino industry through Superman Roulette. This superhero-inspired online roulette game is a combination of classic roulette with comic book inspired aesthetics and artwork.

Using themes such as Superman and other popular media franchises opens roulette up to new audiences that may not ordinarily be inclined to play classic roulette. It also provides an alternate variation for players who want to experience something slightly different from the traditional online casino themes.

Whilst there hasn’t been much change to the actual gameplay of online roulette, there has still been enough innovation to provide UK players with a variety of different playable entertaining formats to choose from.

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