The Boys Season 3 : Possible scenarios involving Little Nina’s casting role in S3

Amazon Original web series, the Boys, is all set to launch their Season 3 after the gruesome ending of Season 2. At the season’s finale, viewers saw how Stormfront’s cruel and vicious plans of building a Nazi super army were destroyed. Also, it was revealed thatt the person behind the explosions of the sure army was none other than congresswoman Victoria Newman.

Possible scenarios involving Little Nina’s casting role in S3

With the chaos coming to an end, the directors of The Boys have finally given into the idea of making Season 3 more thrilling, nerve-wracking, and brutal. And perhaps that’s why here, they will introduce the famous comic character- Little Nina. As per the news, Katia Winter has been cast for playing the role of Nina. She rose to fame after her roles in Sleepy Hollow and Dexter, and her acting and persona will most certainly do justice with the character of Nina.

The exact role of Little Nina is still not known, along with how her character will affect the storyline of The Boys. However, seeing as Little Nina played a vacuous and cunning character in the comics, several theories have been conjured regarding her role in the Amazon web series.

The Boys Season 3

Little Nina has a short stature, but her presence can make the grown men weak on their knees. She is an intelligent Russian crime boss who, alongside Vought, makes the Compound V formula- the source of supes’ powers. To make herself look good in the public’s eye, Little Nina produced her own Compound V formula and then used it to blow the supes, thereby declaring herself as Russia’s savior.

Another possible theory about Little Nina’s role in The Boys come back is that she might work alongside Newman. After all, both these characters have an uncanny passion for blowing people’s heads. Even though Newman’s intentions in Season 3 are not clear, viewers can expect a series of violent events in this new season.

As The Boys has its storyline and plot, it doesn’t rely entirely on the comics. Hence, if the writers have planned Little Nina’s character with the boys, you shouldn’t get shocked too much. It’s yet not discussed whether the season will witness the brutal death of Nina or not. But yes, with this character inclusion, the series is going to bag a lot more appreciation.

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