The Boys 3 release date: Find out the Episode Wise release date


Amazon Prime video kicks off 2022 with The Boys 3 release date unveiling. This is how we discover the first details about the new season of the Emmy-nominated series based on the comic strip by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson (also the executive producer of the series). Thanks to the first teaser, it was even revealed that the return of the series would take place on June 3, 2022. on Amazon Prime Video, of course. This is evident from the Brazilian account of the streaming platform, which deleted the tweet shortly afterward. Pre-released news then, which is confirmed by a 20-second video teaser. Here it is below:

The Boys 3: Teaser Reveals Release Date

In the teaser, we see Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and Homelander (Tony Starr) intending to pose for photoshoots. However, in the video, we can already admire how the psyche of Homelander (in Italian Patriot) reaches a breaking point. Vought’s star hero can barely contain a fake smile, resulting in a chilling expression. The third season’s announcement is also supported by a video from Vought News Network (at the end of the article) that also mentions Godolkin University, where the show’s spin-off is supposed to take place. And we talk about romantic movies, reality movies dedicated to Blue Hawk, Hugh Campbell appears, and they get some advances related to the events in the middle of the next episodes.

The Boys 3 release date and teaser Find out the Episode Wise release date here

The Boys Season 3 Episode Wise Release Dates:

  • June 3 – Episodes 1,2,3
  • June 10 – Episode 4
  • June 17 – Episode 5
  • June 24 – Episode 6
  • July 1 – Episode 7
  • July 8 – Season 3 Finale

The boys 3 will also see Jensen Ackles join the cast. The actor, who will be most remembered for the historical role of Dean Winchester in the TV series Supernatural, will play the role of Soldier Boy, the first real Super in history. Eric Kripke also confirmed that filming is over and that he will no longer be using real weapons on set. In addition, the director said that the premiere of The Boys 3 would be earth-shattering.


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