The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 4: Latest Updates, Plot Summary With Spoilers


Tonight’s The Blacklist season 9 episode 4 is going to introduce a new mystery, and this time, Cooper is in the middle of it.

Did Harold kill someone? Or, in particular, did he kill the man his wife had an affair with years ago? There are some signs suggesting that it’s possible, and it may send a major chill down the character’s spine.

The Blacklist Season 9

In a new sneak peek over at Entertainment Weekly, you can get a little more insight as to what makes this situation so perplexing. Harold comes home after waking up in a parking garage. He had attended a retirement party the night before and as far as he can remember, he had a couple of drinks — but that was it. He didn’t have enough to just knock him out overnight.

This is where Charlene breaks the news about Doug Koster. Speaking to the aforementioned publication, here is what showrunner John Eisendrath had to say about this story:

“His confusion turns to concern when he learns that his wife’s ex-lover has been murdered overnight … The one man Cooper ever wished was dead has been shot and killed, and Cooper is left to wonder if he had anything to do with it.”

We still tend to believe that this is all setting up a different twist and that Cooper is innocent; regardless, this whole story serves as a brilliant remember of the imperfections of many of these characters. The writers have done a good job in general giving Harry Lennix material so far this season; hopefully, this serves as another opportunity for him to shine.

What do you most want to see when it comes to The Blacklist season 9 episode 4?

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