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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 2 Teases Members In Peril

The Blacklist season 9 episode 2 is airing on NBC this Thursday, and there is one thing we know about it already. “The Skinner: Conclusion” is going to bring about some chaos, as we see the Task Force do everything that they can in order to ensure that they can save some lives following a kidnapping.

As for whether or not they are successful, that’s a completely different story.

The photo above from this episode showcases both Park and Ressler at gunpoint, meaning that their mission to resolve this kidnapping probably isn’t going to go that well. Meanwhile, we’re also feeling the same exact thing in terms of Dembe’s arc moving forward. Some photos confirm that he is going to be out of the hospital, but that doesn’t mean that he’s anywhere close to safe at this point.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 2 Teases Members In Peril
THE BLACKLIST — “Brothers” Episode 718 — Pictured: Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

Are we in a position here where the members of the one-time Task Force have to be rescued by Reddington? It’s definitely something we’re left to wonder about for the time being. We think that, in general, the show works the best when the entire group is back together, and Reddington may need to figure out a way to dive back into all of this without feeling constantly burdened every single step of the way. We know that it won’t be easy, but is it still possible? Time will tell.

What do you most want to see when it comes to The Blacklist season 9 episode 2?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter below! Once you do just that, remember to also stick around — there are some other updates on the way and we don’t want you to miss any of them.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 2 Teases Members In Peril
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