The best boots for strutting through fall in style


The best boots for strutting through fall in style

Leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down, and fashion has turned once more toward the warm, cozy seasonal staples we’ve come to know and love. When you’re done shopping for your new favorite sweater, make sure to complete the outfit with a great pair of boots that look great, feel good, and boost your confidence whether you’re wearing them with a casual look for running errands or headed for a big night out.

We’ve chosen our favorites for every occasion, so keep reading to see which will have your feet looking autumnal chic in no time. Trust our independent reviews. Although we may receive a commission from certain retailers, this does not influence our independent reviews. Our selections are based on real-world testing, expert opinion, and our own research. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

Sante Wade Jummai Yellow

We’re carrying the western theme into autumn with us via these incredible snake print leather boots. They feel fresh thanks to the almond toe and detailed stitching. These pants are available in wide and standard sizes. They can also be ordered in 13.5 US or 46 Euro.

Steve Madden Cobra Black Leather

If you’re following fashion and invested in a fantastic pair of wide leg pants or bell bottoms, you’ll love the way they look with these intense ‘70s inspired platforms.

A 2.5 inch platform in the front makes the towering five-inch heel feel like walking on air since your foot is still comparatively level. The graphic shape looks bold and cool, and you’ll love the confidence you get from such a dramatic height boost.

This style is also available in a double-stacked platform design with a knee-high silhouette.

Jeffrey Campbell Hunts Boots in Brown

Brown is quintessential for autumnal dressing, and these gorgeous boots provide the perfect foundation to any dark academia look you might choose to build. They will be visible from underneath a tweed trouser with voluminous blouse, and tucked into a fitted vest.

Vagabond Shoemakers Cosmo 2.0 Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are a staple for a reason. They’re comfortable, effortless, and look stylish with everything. Grab this great pair for under $200 from Urban Outfitters and you’ll be set for years to come.

Dozen Roses Embroidered Western Boots

Where do you even begin with a pair of boots this gorgeous that will last you a lifetime?

Planet Cowboy creates each pair of boots in 120 steps. They are perfect for anyone who values traditional craftsmanship. The soft, romantic florals will last a lifetime. And the leather will continue to shine with time. Invest in these and care for them properly, and they’ll carry you for decades with eye-catching western flair.

Velore Colorblock Bootie

Mod, shiny, and color-blocked to boot, this sleek pair will have you kicking your heels together with joy as you saunter down the block looking better than anyone else you might pass. Buy if you are, like us, really feeling the swingin’ sixties mood this season.

Darton Over The Knee Boots

When given the chance to go big or go home, go big. These striking scarlet stunners are sure to steal the spotlight. If you don’t want them to be the star of the show, pair them with something neutral.

Ardently Alabaster Chelsea Boots

White boots seem a little risky when you’re considering the dirt they’re sure to pick up as you wear, but getting these fresh ankle boots a little worn in only makes them that much cooler when you pair them with kicky cropped jeans and a great jacket this fall.

Croc Square Toe Heeled Ankle Boots

Croc print leather is a great way to wade into the animal print world without taking on too bold a pattern. Try it in this ankle boot with a squared off toe for a fresh look this fall that’s just a touch edgy but classic enough to last for years.

Kolbie Chain Bootie


These neutral stilletos evoke the shape of the Balenciaga sock boot but with better heels and a much better price tag. For a chic look, pair them with a tan or all-camel outfit for a night out.


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