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Thappad, the latest Bollywood movie which had released on February 28 is on its second day now. It is the third instalment of the trilogy of movies with Article 15 and Mulk being the first two. The over-exaggeration of a reason that is so remote, make the movie a bit farfetched.


In a party arranged by the couples face some fight and her husband gets angry, in the boozy state slapping her unintendedly. It was shameful for his wife. The care between each other is shown before the incident. With this single incident, she starts questioning the relationship as a whole. It leads her to file a divorce against him. The thing the movie is trying to establish is the woman empowerment. Public humiliation of any gender is unacceptable.

Thappad Box Office Collections: Day 2

Day 1 (1st Friday): 3.50 Crores

Day 2 (1st Saturday): 5.50 Crores

  • 2 Days India Net Collection ₹ 9.00 Cr
  • 2 Days Worldwide Collection ₹ 12.50 Cr
  • 2 Days Overseas Collection ₹ 2.00 Cr * may earn
  • 2 Days India Gross Collection ₹ 10.50 Cr

Considering that Saturday will be a holiday for many people the audience for the movie will also be higher. The storyline is thought-provoking indeed. Yet the reason behind the further proceedings of the movie is the mere ego in her.

The first two movies were a huge success even as a low-budget movie. Whatever review this movie gets, at first it will not suffer in the box office according to the critics.

Did you watch the movie? What do you think about the theme? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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