Telangana hospitals turn down Aarogyasri patients over unpaid dues.

There’s a constant strain between the Telangana government, and the hospitals out there. The reason behind the conflict is the Aarogyasri and Employee Health Scheme (EHS).

The Hospital Association is of the opinion that they will have to stop accepting patients under the Aarogyasri scheme until the government clears their dues.

Hospitals refused to admit patients under the Aarogyasri scheme on Saturday

Most of the private hospitals in the state refused to admit the patients under this scheme, they said it’s impossible for them to continue until their dues are cleared. The hospitals asked several patients to visit next week.


The misery of the patients:

The patients who visited the hospitals with the hope of receiving necessary treatment were returned empty-handed.

They had to visit the government hospitals of the state, where they had to suffer from long queues.

As a result, the government-run hospitals like Gandhi Hospital, and Osmania General Hospital (OGH), were flooded with patients.

Government’s attempt to resolve the problem:

The Health Ministry informed the hospital associations that the government has released 300 crores of the remaining dues, and the remaining will be cleared in September. The government thought that the hospitals will welcome this step, but the hospitals were rigid on their demands, they stated that it’s quite unlikely for them to cooperate until the whole of the dues are cleared.

It is the loss of the public in the conflict of the government and the hospital:

One cannot predict anything about the remedy for the conflict, it isn’t seems coming to an end either. Between all this, its the public who has to suffer the most, the common man who is totally dependent on schemes like Aarogyasri and Employee Health Scheme (EHS) is helpless at the moment. People are left with no option but to stand in waiting queues outside the government hospitals or spend huge sums in private hospitals.

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