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Team exploring 400ft pit to ‘underworld’ dubbed ‘Well of Hell’ make horrifying discovery

Brave adventurers who journeyed into a notorious well, known as the “Well of Hell”, were horrified to find a labyrinth of snakes living 400 feet below the surface of the Earth.

The sinister circular well is reportedly given a wide berth by locals who claim it’s a place of eternal bad luck.

But some scarier local theories claim that the souls of the dead are taken there for eternal torture.

A brave cave diving team made the decision that would be going down there and were surprised to find some quite appealing things in the “hell pit”.

The Al-Mahra based hole is actually home to a plethora of snakes, waterfalls and green cave pearls, LADbible reports.

A plethora of snakes was found inside the cave
A plethora of snakes was found inside the deep cave

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The 100 feet wide hole is believed to be millions of years old and has garnered a range of scary myths about the evil that lies within.

A team of Omani explorers reported that although they saw nothing supernatural, they saw some “unusual things” and the hole remains “mysterious”.

“We noticed strange things inside. We also smelled something strange…It’s a mysterious situation,” geology professor Mohammed al-Kindi reported back.

Photos from inside the 'Well of Hell' are strikingly beautiful
Photos from inside the ‘Well of Hell’ are strikingly beautiful

As well as just exploring, the brave crew also carried out some scientific work and collected some samples to figure out what life is like down under the Earth.

Photos taken from inside the hole show the beauty of what lies beneath, with light flooding through the 100-foot entrance and bouncing elegantly off the cave walls.

The layers of different rock formations seen in the images are also striking.

Once the samples are tested, the explorers plan on publishing a full report on their incredible journey into the “Well of Hell”.

Team exploring 400ft pit to 'underworld' dubbed 'Well of Hell' make horrifying discovery
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