Target eHR Login – Target Team Member Employees Services and Schedules

Target is an American retail corporation. Target corporation uses the Target EHR- online portal employees use to access and manage their Paystubs, leaves, time offs, payment options, and other such facilities. This service is available for all Target employees and the corporation’s subsidiaries. 

Target eHR Login - Target Team Member Employees Services and Schedules

How to Login to Target EHR?

  • Go to Target’s team member services page.
  • Choose the option of EHR, which is marked in Red.
  • It redirects to and says ‘Authorized User Only’ along with ‘Login to access your applications’
  • Enter the given Username and your Password, then select Login
Target eHR
Target eHR

Sign up for a New Employee

If you are new to Target EHR, the format for signing up is very simple. You will have to answer a few easy security questions like your high school’s name, cell phone number, etc. Primarily it will be based on the information already provided at Target while joining. 

Next, a page reads ‘F5 Dynamic Webtop’ and shows EHR is available in applications and the links.

  • Select the EHR option under the Applications.
  • It then redirects to an ‘HR – dynamic Page’ with a message that uses Internet Explorer. As a result, it is most compatible with the Portal’s functionality and specifications compared to other browsers.
  • Read the note carefully and then proceed by clicking on ‘CONTINUE.’
  • It will redirect you to a Target EHR login Portal, where you can enter your login id and password and select Login.

Bookmarking this page doesn’t work as it changes after every Login, and the bookmarked page will not work the next time.

Problems Accessing Target EHR?

Make sure you are using the correct browser, which is Internet Explorer. Other browsers might not work as efficiently. 

  • Click on the ‘Gear Icon in the Menu of Internet Options. 
  • Choose the tab that says Security.
  • Then open a Checkmarked site that can be trusted and click on Sites on the Right.
  • Please copy the link and then paste it into space, and select Add option
  • Choose close and then choose OK.
  • After this, click on this link to access the Target EHR, and you will get an Error that prompts you to start a new session.
  • Click on the link to start a new session.

Following this process will help fix your problems accessing Target EHR. However, contact the IT cell if this process doesn’t solve the issue. 

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What is a LAN ID?

Your designated Login ID or Team Member Number is the same as LAN ID, which you use to log in to your Target EHR account. It is a combination of alphabets and numbers.

Valuable Options in Target EHR

The following are a few practical options that aid with Target EHR. These are mentioned under ‘Manage Your Pay & Benefits Online-

  • Target EHR explained
  • My Pay 
  • Pay Choices 
  • My Tax Forms 
  • Vacation/ Personal Holiday Request 

Perks of Target EHR 

There are several benefits of Target EHR. The employees can easily access health benefits, retirement offers, and helpful information related to their jobs. This online Portal intends to limit the complications. Following are the reasons why Target EHR is beneficial- 

  • It removes the intermediaries. No need to contact your supervisor each time you need time off. Through the Portal, employees can choose ‘time off delegation .’ You will probably get the time off if your performance record is commendable. 
  • The information regarding the next payroll is at your disposal. You can check if you were paid more for extra shifts and if there are any issues with the working hours. A complaint can be filed to the management immediately if some entry is wrong. 
  • Target EHR eliminates the dozens of paperwork needed to change or update your phone number or address. Instead, you can log in to your Portal and edit it. 

Target eHR Login - Target Team Member Employees Services and Schedules

  • You can know your schedule beforehand through ‘View my schedule.’ This also aids you in taking extra leave and having a flexible schedule, primarily if you work part-time. 
  • You can also request that your payroll be directly deposited in your account through the Portal. In addition, there are options for manual and automatic viewing and editing of the pay stubs. 
  • The option of using a Discount coupon for the employees can be accessed through the Target EHR portal. Though the accessibility of the card depends upon how long you have worked at Target Corporation. This can help you save money while shopping at Target. 
  • This Portal also gives you the option of submitting all tax-related forms. You can select that option and follow the process mentioned. 

Plans offered by Target EHR

Under ‘Other listings,’ there is an option of selecting ‘Direct Deposit’ that lists the offers given by Target EHR. The following are a few of the essential plans offered by Target-

  • Health Plans: Target pays approximately 50% of medical expenses if you meet the criteria guidelines.  
  • Flexible Spending: Increased savings on your payroll as it is one of the tax-advantaged Financial accounts.
  • Retirement plan: According to this plan, you must contribute a small percentage of your payroll to the employer based on tax deference. Your savings will be returned to you post-retirement with a tiny amount of tax to pay compared to the original tax amount. 
  • Pay Statements: To verify that the entire process is going smoothly and in the correct order. 
  • Discounts and benefits: The employees can access discounts and additional cost-cutting perks while shopping at Target. This can be accessed through your Target EHR portal. 
  • Job Opportunities: A board displays any vacancies or spots in different target departments, encouraging employees to pursue higher career levels. 


Target EHR is a sound system that makes the organization’s work transparent. This enables the employee to have hassle-free access to better plans and services. In addition, such a coordinated system works as an incentive for employees to commit to their work. 

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