Tandav Season 2 Release Date & Cast


With Tandav’s debut season being out for a while and having plenty of breathing room for settling in, fans of the show (and critics alike) have been curious about the future of the series especially after the show found itself in the deep end of controversies on debut. On its debut, Tandav was raved and hyped up as India’s alternative to House Of Cards with there being many similarities in how the show operated within its political and social peripheries. The portrayal of certain groups however resulted in massive outrage with the vocal minority going as far as to cancel the show, ironically echoing the message the show has. The show released on Amazon Prime on January 15th, 2021.

Season 1 of Tandav revolves around Samar Pratap Singh’s one-man power trip invoking nepotistic benefits to gain the seat of the Prime Minister of India. His actions power-hungry and their consequences on the people of the country comprise the first season of the show.

Tandav Season 2 Release Date & Cast

Tandav Season 2 Cast

Tandav Season 2 is reportedly going to be headed by Ali Abbas Zafar looking to further add to his digital resume. Zafar confirmed shortly after the release of Season 1 that the script for Season 2 is in its final stages and production and shooting will begin shortly. The show is once again going to star Saif Ali Khan in his lead role as statesman Samar Pratap Singh. Other returning actors reprising their roles include Dimple Kapadia as Anuradha Kishore, an old friend of Devki Nandan Singh, Sunil Grover as Gurpal Singh, Kumud Misra as Gopal Das Munshi, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Shiva Shekhar, a student in VNU and Neha Hinge as Garima Deswal.

Tandav Season 2 Release Date & Cast

Tandav Season 2 Release Date

Despite the massive amounts of controversy Zafar and the team found themselves in, Zafar confirmed that Season 2 of the show will go as planned despite massive outrage from various political personnel. The show is expected to begin shooting in the month of June with a targeted release window of March 2021. Tandav Season 2 will be available on Amazon Prime.