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TamilCrow: When it comes to entertainment, people’s first choice is movies. So they explore many sites to reach an ideal place for watching and downloading videos. Many such sites are featured on the internet, offering fast and free downloads of movies and shows.

One of those sites is Tamil crow, which provides all recent releases of films and TV serials on its website. The site is well stocked with all the latest popular movies for the free downloading process. Besides various movies, TamilCrow hosts popular TV serials and reality shows for binge-watching.  


History of TamilCrow site 

The TamilCrow site started early in the decade, offering free downloading and watching movies on its website. Initially, the site only hosted Tamil and Telugu movies, but later, it switched to Hindi, English, and dubbed movies. All kinds of dubbed movies are also present here on the site for free downloading. TV serials are also current on the website for watching. All forms of entertainment are HD quality, giving viewers a great experience. 

How does it work? 

A bunch of people from undisclosed areas operates Tamil crow sites. They make money with the help of ad networks featured on the website while streaming movies. Besides Tamil and Telugu films, TamilCrow offers many Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Popular TV serials and shows are also seen on the site, which can be approached for watching or downloading. 

Is it safe to access the TamilCrow site? 

No, it is not safe at all. TamilCrow site is a pirated website, and downloading movies from it comes under a crime as per the law. These types of websites are banned in the country due to legal issues. The user can also get vulnerable to hackers. Multiple viruses can also creep inside the user’s phone while streaming movies in TamilCrow.

Downloading or watching movies from sites like TamilCrow can lead to adverse and stressful conditions.   Besides these, downloading movies from these sites can seriously hurt the artistic temperament of artists involved in films and shows.

Is it legal to use the TamilCrow site? 

Tamil crow site is not legal as it is an illegal website banned in the country. Moreover, watching and downloading movies from pirated websites is considered a crime by the Indian government.

The piracy law in India makes it very clear that downloading videos from any pirated site like TamilCrow is illegal, and people should not use it for any purpose. If caught, they can be held for punishment by the Indian government. Despite this, such websites still are prevalent on the web. Therefore, people should distance themselves from such sites. 

Alternatives to the TamilCrow site 

Specialties of TamilCrow site

Certain specialties or features are stacked on the Tamil Crow site, which keeps its users hooked for a longer time. However, as Tamil Crow is a torrent website, it has only one link for operation. 

Following are the specialties or features are listed as: 

  • In addition, real movies listed on the site, such as Tamil, Telugu, English, and Hindi, are uploaded for downloading purposes. 
  • The site is mobile-friendly and can be used on any smartphone. 
  • The downloaded movies are 300mb with HD quality, 720p, and 1080p. 
  • The website has good downloading speed.
  • All popular TV serials and shows are also featured here on the site for free streaming and downloading. 
  • The movies offered in TamilCrow are HD quality, which is better for viewing. 


As a respected firm, we do not support piracy sites like Tamil Crow. These legal websites are banned in-country, so they should not be used for downloading or watching movies. The above-written content is only for spreading awareness among the viewers. The content is only for educational purposes. 

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