Tamil Nadu to oppose abolition of affiliation in draft education policy

The universities across Tamil Nadu is raising awareness concerning the demolishing of the affiliation system. According to sources, the diminishing in the affiliation system will ultimately affect the revenue of the state-owned universities. Also, it would provide the level of supervision in the colleges.

There is a highly likely chance that the government of Tamil Nadu will step up for opposing the provisions that grant the colleges with complete autonomy along with the prowess while awarding degrees to the students. Moreover, the draft policy would conceive of turning all the existing affiliating universities to utter teaching or research universities.

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How will the policy shape the future of Affiliated colleges?

Almost every affiliated college should bring forward an autonomous degree which will come into effect by the end by 2032. In addition to this, there is a highly likely chance that the affiliated college will merge entirely with universities which they are presently affiliated with. On the other hand, they also have an option to develop themselves as independent universities as well.

The policy also suggests that if the colleges do not curate the multi-disciplinary educational higher institution by the end of 2023, there will be consequences. These colleges are going to transform into the goods and services industry. By the looks of it, these colleges will either turn into a public library or educational center.

The state universities are opposing the abolition of the new policy

A significant number of state universities has come forward and openly said that the policy should be lifted. Most of these universities also said that affiliated colleges are a considerable source of income for them.

On the other hand, the universities also think that India is incapable of turning colleges into autonomous degree-awarding institutions. Policymakers also have to look at a few things before they make all the college independent, according to M.K. Surappa, the Vice-Chancellor of Anna University. Tamil Nadu’s state government is yet to submit their response concerning the new education policy.

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