Survivor 41 Spoilers Ahead! Will Genie Chen Get Voted Out?


From the very start of Survivor 41 episode 5, it was clear that we were going to be in for a chaotic episode really like no other. You had Shan secretly opening an idol that Genie technically found, and then also Xander spinning some terrible lie to Tiffany about when he found his idol.

Then, you’ve of course got Danny and Deshawn still talking at Luvu about potentially throwing the next immunity challenge. Oh, and did we mention that Naseer found the idol and he, Shan, and Xander all officially have one now?

Survivor 41 Spoilers Ahead! Will Genie Chen Get Voted Out?

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The immunity challenge did not go well for Ua — they lost. Liana and Shan went on a journey together, and Shan decided to not risk her vote so that Liana could get something. That something was the Knowledge is Power advantage, which gives her the HUGE ability to take someone else’s idol away from them if she knows they 100% have it. A little powerful, no?

Tribal Council

There were only so many options entering tonight: Either Genie, Shan, or Ricard would go home. It seemed predictable at first, but then Ricard didn’t want to give Shan her advantage back before Tribal Council. That made her nervous and understandably so.

It honestly wasn’t clear what was going to happen tonight — Genie seemingly was in danger, but she also wasn’t that much of a threat moving forward. Yet, Genie was still voted out and narratively, that makes sense. Ricard and Shan could go really far into this game together. Meanwhile, Genie never learned what was in that idol envelope!

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