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Surprise reunion between a woman with her boyfriend tainted in the eyes of trolls who claim it is a’red Flag’

A woman decided to surprise her long-distance boyfriend with a visit – and a video of his shocked reaction has gone viral.

Trolls insist that his body language is a red signal and the lass, Lauren, has been forced into defending their relationship.

The clip was uploaded to her YouTube channel. @laurenzarrasTikTok account September 22nd, friend leads her into a bedroom where Robbie (college student) is sitting on the couch.

Robbie stares at her in shock when he sees her.

Then he spits out a huge grin and takes Lauren in his arms to hug him. His friends laugh and smile at the cute, but silly moment.

“Robbie had no idea,”In the caption, she added the lyrics to the clip. “still falling for you”.

The clip has been viewed more than 25,000,000 times since it was uploaded. It has received thousands of comments, many of which are unkind.

Many viewers were shocked to see Robbie sat on a couch next to two female friends.

One troll wrote: “I’ve never seen someone look so unhappy to see their girlfriend.”

Another sniped “I must be crazy because no way my man is sitting next to three girls.”

Trolls said Robbie should have smiled within a nanosecond of the surprise
Trolls stated that her boyfriend should’ve smiled within a nanosecond after she surprised her

Lauren was defended briefly by several people. One commenter added: “The people in the comment section have untrustworthy relationships and it shows.”

“All the other girls in the comments talking about him sitting with other girls is really giving me not secure in their own relationship vibes lol,”Another.

Lauren said: “Breaks my heart that people can watch a special moment and bring so much negativity.

“Please take the time to think about your relationship before you make any assumptions.”

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Surprise reunion between a woman with her boyfriend tainted in the eyes of trolls who claim it is a'red Flag'
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