Super Singer 7 Vote Results: Suganthi v/s Vaisakhan , Who is Leading ?

Tamil show Super Singer season 7 premiering on Vijay TV has been creating waves all over the state from April this year. The show is well known for showcasing talented singers to the world for a lot of years now. This season got a lot of appraisal and popularity with the presence of youth sensation Anirudh Ravichander, who has been brought in as one of the judges of the show. Swetha Mohan, Unni Krishnan, Benny Dayal and Anuradha Sriram are the other singing sensations on the judging panel.

Super Singer 7 Vote Results: Suganthi v/s Vaisakhan , Who is Leading ?

In the elimination period from September 1 to September 4, Vaisakhan and Suganthi battled against each other.  It was very challenging and acute competition at the beginning and eventually, Vaishakhan is leading on votes received.  The voting results available right now are inconclusive and should not be taken without a pinch of salt. The voting results depicted below are gathered after researching results from different polls done by unofficial sources on the Internet. We have to wait for the official revelation of the results for knowing an ultimate reliable result.

Vaisakhan received 58% votes
Suganthi got 48% of the votes.

This result is rapidly changing. The official voting portal is active until September 4th.

Airtel Super Singer Season 7 Elimination Voting

Each week two contestants should face the elimination round and the audience are enabled to decide which one of them has to be saved. The online voting portal is very simple to operate.

Official Online Voting Method 

  • Visit the official website
  • The website will list the names of the two contestants facing elimination right now.
  • Click on the contestant you would like to vote for.
  • On the pop-up, you will have 50 votes to cast each day.
  • You can drag the slider and cast your votes. Maximum limit is 50 votes as a whole.
  • You can split the votes to favour one more.
  • Then you can submit.

Note: Voting ends every Friday at 12 noon.

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