Succession Season 3: Would There Finally Be A Roman Origin Story?


Over the course of Succession season 3, it feels fair to say that we’ve seen more content than ever between Gerri and Roman. The two have a bizarre, semi-flirtatious relationship.

On one level, you could easily make the argument that much of this is one-sided. After all, Roman seems to be the initiator for a good bit of the flirting! Yet, at the same time Gerri never quite backs away from it entirely; she chides Roman here and there for it, but there are moments where it feels like she fires back with something of her own.

Succession season 3

So how did all of this come about in the story? The storyline for Roman and Gerri really started to push forward in season 2, and as J. Smith-Cameron explains to the New Yorker, a good bit of came out of the relationship that she has with Kieran Culkin:

What happened is that Kieran and I were friends. When you’re on a film set, your creative juices are going and you’re also nervous and you keep having to pick yourself up. Every day is a marathon—it has highs and lows, and you have to kind of keep surfing it. And so Kieran and I, in a friendly way, started this sort of silly flirtation, because we found we were sympathetic to each other. We got each other’s sense of humor. We would riff off each other. It was funny that Roman was flirting with Gerri, to us. Well, inappropriate and funny. So we just kept it up. At some point the writers became aware of it.

Now, this relationship is one of the most interesting things about these characters. Do we think that they are destined to be together forever? Probably not, but it’s still a fun thing to think about.

What do you want to see next for Gerri and Roman on Succession season 3?

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