Succession Season 3 Release Date, Cast, How To Watch Online

Logan Roy is back with season three of “Succession,” but things will be even grander this time. Here is everything we know about “Succession” Season 3.

Succession Season 3 Release Date, Cast, How To Watch Online

“Succession” can be titled a dark, thrilling drama series or a hilarious show carrying a blend of satire, as per your point of view. Following the misadventures of the Roy Family, the series is loaded with twists and turns and hilarious scenes. The Roy Family is exciting to watch and even gripping for the fans. So, after the shocking season 2 finale, the fans are counting on the next installment, and finally, it’s here.

Season 2 left us with a bunch of questions like Who will side with Logan? Will, any of the Roy family siblings make a significant move for power? Or Who will take a chance and join hands with Kendall? So, finally, it’s time to get our answers. With “Succession” returning with another bombastic season, it’s time to unveil the solutions. Check out everything we know below.

“Succession” Release Date & Time 

Finally, after many waits, the makers have revealed the official premiere date of “Succession” Season 3. It’s coming on October 17, and the fans are expecting a more impactful plot this time. As per the officials, a new episode will be dropped every Sunday. Therefore, the first episode of “Succession” Season 3 will be streamed on October 17, at 9 P.M. Eastern time.

Succession Season 3 Release Date, Cast, How To Watch Online

“Succession” Season 3 Episode 1 Duration 

Typically, most of the episode of “Succession” runs for 50 to 60- minutes. So, following the same pattern, Succession Season 3 Episode 1 will be 58 minutes, including the post-credit scenes.

Where To Watch “Succession” Season 3?

“Succession” Season 3 will be available on HBO MAX and HBO. The users can enjoy the first episode on October 17, at 9 P.M. sharp.

“Succession” Season 3

The bombastic trailer of “Succession” Season 3 is out, and you can enjoy the trailer here –

“Succession” Season 3 Episode Titles 

Here are the episode titles of all the eight chapters of “Succession” Season 3 –

  • Secession
  • Mass in Time of War
  • The Disruption
  • Lion in the Meadow
  • Retired Janitors of Idaho
  • What It Takes
  • Too Much Birthday
  • Chiantishire