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Student scares off sex attacker lurking outside dorm using black belt karate skills

A university student scared away a man who tried to sexually assault her outside of her dorm early Saturday morning by using her black belt karate skills.

The Chapman University freshmen, identified as “K”, sent a skeleton ski mask-wearing thug running after he tried to beat her to the ground.

According to NBC, the incident sparked a public safety alert for the attack outside Henley Hall which took place just before 1 a.m.

The victim, who will remain anonymous for her safety, was FaceTiming her boyfriend at the time when she saw the tall, thin man moving towards her.

Recalling the attack to the broadcaster she said: “This is when I noticed he’s was wearing a skeleton ski mask, and think, ‘Well that’s very scary looking.’ The next thing I think is, ‘Maybe it’s a friend of mine trying to prank me.

suspect CCTV
Police released a video of the suspect

“He punches me in the face and I hit …the concrete trash can behind me. He’s just like beating me up.

“I don’t know if I hit him off or he heard people coming. I chased him up the stairs and cursed him out, but he managed to get away.”

She then realized the stranger wanted to beat her and sexually assault her.

But he soon realised he had picked on the wrong student as she has a second-degree blackbelt in karate and used those skills to fight back against him as her boyfriend continued listening on the phone.

chapman university
An alert has been issued on campus

“He heard me yell super loud like five times. He hung up and called the cops,” she said.

Police have released a video showing the suspect in the attack.

Police said that he removed the mask and took the black sweatshirt that he was wearing.

They confirmed that the man was not a Chapman University student. A suspect was also arrested in the case on September 28.

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Student scares off sex attacker lurking outside dorm using black belt karate skills
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