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Strictly’s HRVY is ‘glad show is over’ after challenging time filming for series

Singer HRVY has spoken candidly about his experience appearing on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and said “he’s glad it’s over”.

HRVY, who appeared on the popular dancing competition last year, dazzled audiences and the show judges with his impressive moves.

But although he described the programme as the “best show ever” HRVY, 22, also explained how incredibly difficult it was to be apart of the whirlwind production.

Speaking openly to host Abbie McCarthy on the latest edition of Celebrity Search Engine, the young singer shared his thoughts on the iconic show.

He said: “I’m glad it’s over now because it was so hard and tiring, I wanted to hang my ballroom shoes up and get back to my music, but yeah it was good.”

The singer appeared on Strictly last year
The singer appeared on Strictly last year

He added: “[It’s the] best show ever, very hard, so hard, it was so exciting to be part of the show, where at the time there was nothing else on TV.

“We were one of the only live shows that were actually happening and going ahead, a lot of TV got moved or cancelled, whereas we were on air, so it was a privilege to do it.

“The ratings were the biggest, for a long time. I’m glad I got to be a part of that show, and I met some amazing people, I made some really really good friends, especially Maisie and Jamie, Jeanette my partner, all so close, Clara, all those guys, it was a really, really good time.”

The star said it was incredibly difficult on the show
The star said it was incredibly difficult on the show

HRVY, whose real name is Harvey Leigh Cantwell and his dance partner Janette Manrara did very well for themselves on last year’s programme and finished as a runners up on the show.

Since his time on Strictly, the star has continued to concentrate on his flourishing music career but he did admit that he’s still open to dating despite his busy schedule.

When asked about his love life, he said: “Do you know what, I went on a date the other day.

The star did very well in the dancing contest
The star did very well in the dancing contest

“I haven’t dated for a while, I had a fling months and months and month ago with someone, she was a YouTuber.”

He continued: “She was great, lovely, lovely girl and then I’ve kind of been focusing on getting all this music out for the past couple of months, and then recently I met someone on the red carpet, at the NTAs actually.

“She was standing in front of me and I was like wow, she’s very, very beautiful! And then yeah, I ended up getting her number, and we’ve been on a few dates.”

Strictly's HRVY is 'glad show is over' after challenging time filming for series
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