Stranger Things Season 4: When Is It Coming To Netflix?

Stranger Things season 4; the show is highly awaited by its fans and audience alike since the third ended. After that, fans have been looking forward to any news regarding the filming, date announcement, or actual release of the show on Netflix. Although not much is known about the show bu,t we can still try to make estimations based on their previous pattern for its fans.

Season 4 Happening or Not? 

Well, some good news for the fans, season 4 is happening for real! Owing to the COVID-19 situation, many thought the season had been canceled, but that is not the case here. The facts, season 4, were expected in July 2019, before the third season’s release; it was then officially ordered and announced in September that year. So, this means that the work is in progress!

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How Many Episodes To Expect In Season 4?

As per the reports, there are chances for season 4 to have eight episodes, similar to the third and the first seasons. But, some rumors also suggest that actually, there are going to be nine episodes. By looking at the picture shared by the writers of The Stranger Things on Twitter, some thought maybe there were nine scripts and not eight.

When Is It Going To Be Filmed?

Though nothing is confirmed, and after the shutting down of production in March 2020, not much could be said. According to some reports, the cast and crew will be moving to New Mexico after wrapping up the filming in Georgia. The filming process is likely to get started in spring this year.

Release Date?

The audience will have to wait a little longer for the release date as it is not likely to be out any sooner. Netflix kept Stranger Things Season 4 out of the list of all the big shows releasing this year.