Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date: Pictures From The Set Go viral

Stranger Things is a Science Fiction and Mystery thriller on Netflix which has three seasons thus far. The production of Season-4 was started and sooner shut down in March 2020 due to the outburst of Covid -19.

Though the filming of season 4 was delayed due to Covid 19 pandemic, the shoot has been resumed in late 2020, and few pictures from the shooting spot have been shared in a fan account that is hitting the internet. This show is top-rated and ranked amongst the top 10 web series. It has a massive fan base, and viewers are eagerly waiting for the next season to be released.

While season 3 has lived up to the suspense and tension, the expectation level for season 4 amongst its fan is really higher. Season 3 has ended, leaving the viewers in a cliffhanger where Jim Hopper dies after being caught in the middle of the blast that closed the gate upside-down. Eleven goes Hawkins and lives with the Byers family while Hopper survives the blast. He has been held at the Russian prison camp where the Demogorgon is also housed. The latest trailer was also released and got a tremendous response worldwide in which Jim Hopper can be seen alive working in the snowfields of Kamchatka.

Stranger Things Season 4

The shooting is currently taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. The pictures of season 4 that have been going viral reveal the pivotal characters from the previous season who are also being cast in the upcoming season. Do these pictures also give a glimpse of what is coming next? Meanwhile, new cast members have recently been announced officially, which has created high anticipation of the season.

According to Duffer Brothers’ statement, season 4 shapes up to be the most frightening season of Stranger Things. He also says that the pandemic had given him ample time to write the entire script and rewrite it to create an exceptional screenplay quality.

He has posted a picture upside down from the set on his Instagram page, which has stirred interest amongst the fans. Until now, there is no official release date of Season 4, but it is time for the fans to celebrate as the production team will launch the new season anytime sooner.

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