Status Update On The Kenneth Choi Exit From 9-1-1 Season 5


The good news is that the producers are showing a commitment to giving Chimney some scenes even while he’s away from Los Angeles. We saw him turn up on the show last week, so that should be all the evidence you need that Choi isn’t going anywhere in the long-term. His absence is a function of the Maddie storyline, which is playing out slowly to accommodate the maternity leave of Jennifer Love Hewitt. (There’s no direct evidence that either performer is departing; at this point, we feel like some reporting would be out there if that was the case.)

Status Update On The Kenneth Choi Exit From 9-1-1 Season 5

Hopefully, we’ll continue to get these little glimpses into Chimney’s world over the next few weeks; admittedly, we understand the challenges the writers have when crafting some of these storylines. It’s difficult to feature a character who is away from the rest of the cast at the moment. Yet, there is still a lot of value in doing it.

As for when Maddie and Chimney could both be back in Los Angeles, we’re hoping to see it a little later this season. A lot of it will depend on when Hewitt returns to set, and then from there, when the writers want to tell the story of the two reuniting. It honestly deserves a full episode at this point, so we don’t foresee this being something that they rush to include solely for the sake of doing that.

Unfortunately, we know that there’s no direct indication that Chimney is in either tonight’s episode or the one airing on November 29 — but take that with a grain of salt. After all, he was in this past episode and they didn’t promote that at all in advance.

Are you worried that Kenneth Choi could be leaving 9-1-1, even after all of this?

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