Activate – How To Activate STARZ On Every Device Activate: STARZ is a television network in the United States that provides both fashionable and substantial programs. STARZ produces several outstanding television programs, like Black Sails, American Gods, Spartacus, and Power. The streaming service is available practically anywhere and on a variety of devices. Activate

This article will demonstrate how to enable STARZ on any device.

Activating STARZ on virtually any Platform

The application necessary to view the content is STARZ Play. Many technologies, such as the Fire Tv, Kindle Fire, Android Player, Smart Tv, ios, Ipad, Roku, and X – box, support it.

You may watch television shows and films on all platforms for $8.99 monthly. One user can simultaneously access a maximum of four platforms.

How to Use STARZ

To unlock STARZ, you must have a premium membership, or you may enjoy the optional 7-day trial before committing to the membership. 

  • You must first create an account to add the program to your preferred platform.
  • Go to the STARZ site and click “free STARZ for seven days.” Activate

  • Fill out your information and sign up now.
  • After activating your subscription, you can add the program to many devices.

Starz is Now Available on Roku

Getting STARZ on Roku is similar to introducing any other channel.

If necessary; 

  • Log in to Roku.
  • Tap Stream Programs from the Home menu.
  • Then, find the Starz program on the Roku menu.
  • When you have found it, click OK and add a stream.

If You Are Using A PIN to Log In, Here is What to Do:

The STARZ program is available on your network list or in the application menu. Menu for the Second Roku Station

  • Sign in with your STARZ credentials.
  • Starz is available on any platform.
  • To activate the gadget, input the code on the homepage and click Submit.

The Roku Stream also includes a STARZ membership. So instead of paying individually, you may access STARZ via Roku. Of course, this will prevent you from watching it on different platforms but running it through your Roku may simplify the process.

Apple TV Now Has Access To STARZ

You must first download the STARZ Play application to watch STARZ on Apple TV. Then, you do the same thing with Roku by logging in and entering the code.

  • Go to the Apple TV App Store.
  • Then, find and run STARZ Play.
  • From the homepage, choose the application.
  • Sign in with your STARZ profile information.
  • STARZ can be accessible from any device.
  • To sign up for the gadget, use the code from the display on the homepage 
  • And click Confirm.

 STARZ Is For Purchase On Xbox

STARZ Play is perfectly interoperable with the Xbox One and Xbox 360 and free to download. As already stated:

  • Launch your Xbox and log in.
  • Go to the page and then to “applications.”
  • Locate and download STARZ Play.
  • Complete the installation.
  • Choose Starz Play.
  • Sign in with your STARZ user information.
  • Stream STARZ from any device.
  • Type the information from the display into the field.
  • Register by clicking “Submit.”

Once you have logged in and subscribed, your Xbox will automatically update all the movie and television program options and let you stream your stuff whenever you want.

You Can Stream STARZ on Your Smart Device

You are familiar with the concept if you have gotten this far in your reading. You install this same STARZ Play app on your Smartphone, log in with your profile, enter the code, and start viewing. You can use the same procedure for your smart TV.

  • Start your smart TV and navigate to the app store.
  • Find and download STARZ Play.
  • Sign in with your STARZ account information.
  • Starz is available on any platform.
  • Enter the code.
  • Click Submit.

It is still not clear whether they are compatible. STARZ Play is available on the Samsung smart TV; however, it is unclear if it is available everywhere.

Also, STARZ Play is available on the Samsung smart TV; however, it is unclear if it’s available everywhere.

STARZ for iPhone

The same procedure above applies to installation and activation.

 The STARZ app for Android

 Lastly, to add to the list, STARZ Play is accessible on the Play Store.

  • Download STARZ Play from the Play Store.
  • Launch the application and sign in with your STARZ account information.
  • Enter the code from the screen in the relevant field.
  • Click Submit.

Why STARZ Streaming Services Are Exceptional 

It is simple to add STARZ to any gadget. The process of installing and activating any device only takes a few seconds. It’s a shame that not all applications are as simple to use!


STARZ delivers blockbuster movies and television shows directly to your device, resulting in an optimal user experience. Install the STARZ application on your tablet or mobile device and watch movies and episodes offline. Get your favorite episodes and movies, download them beforehand to your Smartphone or tablet, and enjoy them at your convenience.

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