Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 2 Review, Plot Speculation & More


Georgiou’s telescope

As Saru and Burnham talk about Georgiou, they look at the telescope. This telescope appeared in the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, “The Vulcan Hello.” And at the time, it wasn’t a metaphor. At the time, Burnham, Saru, and Georgiou used it to view a lurking Klingon ship, which was undetectable with sensors. After Georgiou died, Burnham was given the telescope as part of Georgiou’s will, but Burnham later gave it to Saru, who kept it Discovery. The telescope now appears to be jointly owned by both.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4

To be clear, when Saru refers to Georgiou here, he is only referring to Prime Minister Georgiou, the late captain of the USS Shenzhou.

More and more curious

When To discoverand jumps to the anomaly, Stamets says “Curiouser and Curiouser” This is a quote from Alice in Wonderland. In Discovery Season 1, it was established that Michael Burnham was read this book by her adoptive mother, Amanda Grayson. Spock also quotes from Alice in Wonderland, in “Lights and Shadows”, in Discovery Season 2, Episode 7.

We Don’t Know Why Stamets Likes Alice in Wonderland, but Spock’s mother reading to him the works of Lewis Carroll was established in an episode of The animated series in 1973 called “Once Upon a Planet”. In 2019, Nicholas Meyer — Director of Khan’s Wrath and advice producer on DISCO Season 1 – mentioned bringing Alice in Wonderland until Discovery might have been his idea.

“I’m trying to remember if I was raised” Alice in Wonderland that first year[of[or[van[ofStar Trek: DiscoveryMeyer said in 2019. “I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I did. And I wouldn’t be surprised—well, it would surprise me—to learn I didn’t.’

Gray’s new body is from Picard

Culber tells Adira and Gray that the new Synth body for Gray was made using the “Soong method”. This refers to the finale of Picard Season 1 where Picard’s mind was moved to a humanoid Synth body. This means that the Soong Culber refers to is not Data’s father Noonien Soong, but Data’s human “brother”, Altan Soong.

Gray mentions that he will be hosting again.

Gray says he might “want to host again.” This is a quick rule, but it’s actually quite wild. This means two things: First, that a Trill host can be merged with another symbiote after being connected to another.

Obviously, there’s never been a reason to think about this before: usually the reason a host no longer has a symbiote is that they’ve died and the symbiote has gone to someone else. So now that Gray will be “reborn”, but not along with Tal, he’s right, he could be host again.


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