Spoilers Alert!! The Rookie Season 4 Episode 10 – Is The Newcomer New Tonight?



The Rookie season 4 makes Jenna Dewan a regular cast memberIs the newcomer new tonight on ABC? In this article, we’ll do our best to answer this – while also taking a closer look at what the future holds.

The first assignment, of course, is to get the bad news out of the way: unfortunately, there’s no new episode on the air tonight. There will be none next week. The reasoning behind this is quite easy to identify as it is 100% related to the holidays. ABC does not want to broadcast episodes at a time when there are ultimately fewer viewers.

Here’s what we can tell you, though: The Nathan Fillion drama returns on Sunday, January 2 with a story titled “Heart Beat.” What is central? There are a number of different things, the main one being how John Nolan is dealing with the fact that Bailey is technically still married. Why didn’t she open up about this part of her past? There may be reasons for some of her actions, but when the dust settles, it remains to be seen how much that will matter to him.

Of course, there is also a new case that could take up his time and many of the fellow police officers. Finally, the newcomer is not the kind of show where the focus can only be on one thing.

You can watch it in full below the newcomer season 4 episode 10 synopsis with more updates on what’s ahead:

“Heart Beat” – Now that John Nolan knows about Bailey’s past, he must decide if they still have a future. Meanwhile, when a plane crashes in the middle of town, the team races to find out why in the all-new episode of “The Rookie,” SUNDAY JAN. 2 (10am-11am EST), on ABC. (TV-14, V) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day after they premiere.


What do you want to see? the newcomer season 4 episode 10?

Are you sorry there isn’t a new episode tonight? Be sure to share it in the comments now! Once you’ve done that, stay tuned – there are other updates on the way and we don’t want you to miss them. (Photo: ABC.)




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