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Splitsvilla 12 All Contestants : These faces will be seen in the show of Rannvijay and Sunny Leone | Name, Photo, Age, City

The most popular show Splitsvilla’s 12th season has started on 16 August. The dating reality show is being aired on MTV India.  It will be named “Your Best Shot at Love”. 10 girls and 15 boys are participating in this show. These contestants will set out to find the perfect match in this relationship mission going through different character filters throughout the mission.

Splitsvilla 12 All Contestants : These faces will be seen in the show of Rannvijay and Sunny Leone | Name, Photo, Age, City


Sunny Leone and Rannvijay are back on TV together once again through Splitsvilla. Let’s find out who are the contestants who are going to appear on the show this time while dating each other.

List of Male Contestants. 

Splitsvilla 12 Male Contestants

  1. Pranav Bhardwaj, 20, New Delhi
  2. Shrey Mittal, 24, New Delhi
  3. Ashish Bhatia, 23, Dehradun
  4. Rahul Gujral, 22, New Delhi
  5. Uday Sachdeva, 20, New Delhi
  6. Alfez Khaishagi, 24, Indore/Mumbai
  7. Piyush Sharma, 27, Jaipur/Mumbai
  8. Anshit Khandelwal, 20, New Delhi
  9. SambhavBaid, 23, Colombo/New Delhi
  10. Ankush Kalyan, 23, Mohali
  11. Shivam Bihari, 19, Bihar/Mumbai
  12. Pulkit Kapoor, 21, New Delhi
  13. Aman Dheer, 24, New Delhi
  14. PratyakshRajbhatt, 22, Mumbai

List of Female Contestants. 

Splitsvilla 12 Female Contestants

  1. Alice Gari, 22, New Delhi
  2. Soundarya Thakur, 21, Bihar/New Delhi
  3. Jinal Sharma, 23, Mumbai
  4. Meisha Iyer, 25, Mumbai
  5. Aahna Sharma, 19, New Delhi
  6. Bhavya Sharma, 20, New Delhi
  7. Aradhana Sharma, 20, Ranchi
  8. Arshiya, 23, Mumbai
  9. Priyamvada Kant, 30, Mumbai
  10. Hridya Prajapati, 20, New Delhi

Sunny Leone shared a video from her Instagram. The video showed some fun pictures and glimpses of Sunny from the upcoming episode of Splitsvilla. Sunny is seen having a lot of fun in this video. Rannvijay is also seen in the video along with Sunny Leone. Rannvijay and Sunny are telling the audience how excited they both are about the show. The king’s new song in the background is insane.

Sunny in a black dress is also seen dancing fiercely in this song. Other contestants of the show are also seen to be having a lot of fun in the video. In this video, Sunny Leone is also talking about ‘Kiss’. Now the fans are very happy with the return of the show after watching this video.

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