South Actress Suhana passes away at just 22, parents accused husband and in laws of killing.


South Actress Suhana passed away at 22! There is nothing more tragic than someone dying on their birthday and very shocking news has come up from the south film industry that renowned Malayalam model and actress Suhana has passed away. The actress was found dead in her apartment as per reports, she was very young in her career as it was just her 22nd birthday on the day of this tragic incident.

Suhana started her career with modeling and she rose to fame by featuring in some popular advertisements she was recently featured in a Tamil movie too. The news spread like wildfire and people are in shock, Suhana’s parents came up and have clearly said that they suspect murder and have accused Suhana’s in-laws of it, her mother said that Suhana was a victim of domestic abuse as her husband Sajjad was a drunkard and used to beat her, her in-laws used to harass her and demand money from her.

How South Actress Suhana die?

In a statement to the media, her mother said that her daughter will never commit suicide, she was mentally and emotionally harassed by her husband and his family and used to cry regularly on calls complaining about their misdeeds. Her mother also said that she advised Suhana to move out of the house but she was unable to do that, her husband’s mother and sister tortured her too and they also took her gold assets given to her on marriage.

Suhana Ravi died

Her husband has denied all the allegations but the police officials into the case haven’t yet eliminated the doubts of foul play, the investigations are going on and many people have been grilled in custody including the apartment owner who claimed that he heard Sajjad screaming so he rushed towards their room where he saw him holding Suhana, he asked him if something happened and Sajjad replied that Suhana is not responding, he took her to hospital and police was called.

Noticeably Suhana and Sajjad had a fight regarding some money she had received from her project, he came late on her birthday and had a fight and later saw her dead in the bathroom. The matter is still under investigation and the exact reason for death hasn’t been revealed yet.

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