Somebody Feed Phil Season 5 Tying Up With ‘Netflix is a Joke’ –


Somebody Feed Phil, Season 5 will be premiering on Netflix on May 25. In addition, the travel and food series will also be tied up with the ‘Netflix is a Joke’ comedy event.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5 Release Date

The world’s best combination is travelling and good food. And now it’s coming back again with Season 5 of Somebody Feed Phil. In addition,  Netflix has already announced the release date for Season 5.

The travel documentary series revolves around the writer and producer Philip Rosenthal. While he travels the world and makes sure to try the local cuisine from different cities.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5

Although, he might not necessarily end up at the best restaurants. Cause the main idea is to meet the people and enjoy the food as all the locals would. The new season will premier in late May and will follow up Rosenthal visiting five new cities.

Dining Up at Exotic Restaurant And Menu

The new season of Somebody Feed Phil is all set to open up the menu in these five cities:

  • Oaxaca
  • Portland (Maine)
  • Helsinki
  • Portland (Oregon)
  • Madrid

You might get to watch the wildly different episodes for two out of these five cities:

  • Oaxaca cuisine will include some traditional Mexican specialities such as tamales and tapas. In addition, the city is also well known for its daring recipes that include chapulines (grasshoppers).
  • Helsinki, in Finland, is also among the interesting destinations. Since it’s known as the capital’s food culture. In addition, it now growing and includes a mix of Asian and Nordic cuisines.

One thing is for sure, these two destinations will surely make up for a very different experience. Which will end up inspiring you to travel and, of course, eat.

“Netflix is a Joke” Comedy Mega-Festival

In case you are a fan of Somebody Feed Phil or just of food and travel-related content in general. Good news for you! Cause the series will all set to have an early screening. Which will be a part of Netflix’s comedy mega-festival Netflix is a Joke. In addition, Rosenthal will be seen as the host for the screening.

And the episode will be centred around Oaxaca. We will also get to see Jimmi Simpson, who will also act as the moderator. For the going to be part of the Q&A. The screening will be taking place on May 3 at Avalon. To purchase the tickets you can buy them at the event’s website.

Praises And Sense Of Humour Mix

Somebody Feed Phil has accumulated a lot of critical acclaim with its every season. With the critics praised Rosenthal’s different sense of humour. This is also the main reason for the selling point of the show. In addition, the series has also gotten nominated twice for the Emmy Awards.

Gaining its nomination in the Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program category. In addition, the show has also,  won the Critics Choice Real TV Award for being the Best Travel/Adventure Show.  Rosenthal in addition was also named Male Star of the Year twice, back in 2021.


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