Somebody Feed Phil Season 5: Release Date, Trailer and more!


Directed by John Bedolis and presented by Philip Rosenthal, Somebody Feed Phil is a television travel documentary, made for Netflix. The show is distributed by Netflix itself and is a spiritual successor to Rosenthal’s previous show, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.

The first season premiered on January 12, 2018 followed by the second season on July 6, 2018. The third season was released on May 29, 2020 and the fourth was released on October 30, 2020. It has received generally positive reviews from critics and audiences and has been rated 8.2/10 on IMDb.

So, when is Somebody Feed Phil Season 5 releasing? What is the plot? Who will be playing the lead roles? Continue reading to know further details.

Somebody Feed Phil Plot and Cast

Philip Rosenthal

In the new season of Somebody Feed Phil, Rosenthal would visit the cities he never visited before. A few locations that he might visit include Sao Paulo, Brazil and Lima, Peru in South America, Kyoto, Japan and Manila, Philippines in Asia, or even Amsterdam, Netherlands and Berlin, Germany in Europe.

In a recent interview, Rosenthal mentioned that he has not seen many places yet and shared that he has not been to India, Australia, New Zealand, mainland China, Moscow and several key cities in America.

The show has already featured a full spectrum of types of food in the first four seasons, with Rosenthal eating everything from glazed codfish to schnitzel in Copenhagen to snow crab risotto in Cape Town. Considering that Rosenthal has not traveled to a lot of places, we might get to see him discovering different types of food. Philip Rosenthal will continue to be a presenter of the series.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5 Release Date

Somebody Feed Phil Season 4

The fourth season of Somebody Feed Phil was released in October 2020. However, it has been officially confirmed that the fifth season is scheduled to release on May 25, 2022. However, it is unknown if all the episodes would be released the same day or on a weekly basis.

The new season is expected to have six episodes like the first four seasons. Detailed information regarding the fifth season is expected to be announced soon as release date approaches.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5 Trailer

The developers have not released a trailer for Somebody Feed Phil Season 5. It is expected to be out in the next few days. Until then, you can watch the trailer of Season 4 below:


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