Some Of A Few Characters From 5 Shows That Deserved Better


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s six seasons ended 25 years ago in 1996, and we still can’t get over some of the more deserved characters in this beloved sitcom. These five characters held a special place in our hearts and their endings were either rushed or too melancholic. Let’s see-5. Tyriq Johnson. Will’s social life is presented quite lavishly throughout the series, and his friendship with Jazz and Tyriq was the focus for at least the first few seasons. After that, Tyriq suddenly disappeared from the series very early on, and fans are still wondering why. He was the third member of the trio with Jazz and Will, but it was as if the creators focused heavily on Will and Jazz’s friendship and forgot about Tyriq.

4. Jackie Ames. The problem of divided attention to Will’s friends still continues here with Jackie. She was a friend of Will from Philadelphia who also attended UCLA, and they both shared a pretty witty chemistry. Their occasional cheeky flirtation and abusive humor got a lot of love from the fans. But sadly after that, for no apparent reason, she was simply missing from almost all of the action of the series.

3. Even Will’s best friend Jazz had a pretty disoriented character arc, especially in the later seasons of the show. Their friendship started out so strong, but they drifted apart a bit when Will and Carlton started school. Most of Jazz’s character development happened off screen. And after his divorce from Jewel, he was just thrown away like a used napkin, which was once very handy. It was like the death of his character’s arc in the show.

2. Geoffrey Butler. The unexpected voice of reason and humor, time and time again taken for granted, rarely got the narrative focus it deserves. Being a Butler in an affluent home meant that he was an underrated character from the start, but he deserved a little more attention. Other than that arc when he was the center of some plans devised by his son and Will, he was treated like a forgotten character.

Some Of A Few Characters From 5 Shows That Deserved Better

1. Will Smith. Even the titular character deserved more, isn’t it funny? Unfortunately, this character got a very downbeat ending from the producers. In the end, he was left all alone while the rest of the characters moved to the East Coast. He was the only member of the Banks-Smith family on the West Coast, and it was a relatively bleak ending for an American sitcom.

This show is as memorable as it gets, but if these characters had gotten a little more attention, it would have been an even bigger sitcom than most of the other sitcoms of recent times.


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