Snowdrop Episode 11 Release Date & Time Watch Spoilers


It is no doubt that 2021 witnessed a considerable increment in K-drama fans. The credit goes to Netflix thriller and global phenomenon Squid Game, which exposed South Korean dramas. Well, this is the reason why viewers have been choosing these dramas over other web series. One series that has made quite a buzz last year and is continuing to create the same is Snowdrop. The show has released ten episodes featuring K-pop girl group Blackpink’s Jisoo and Jung Hae in pivotal roles. Now, fans are excited to know the release date of episode 11 and its details.

Snowdrop Episode 11 release date

Snowdrop happens to be the first Disney+ Korean drama that landed in the controversy. The story surfaces around 1987 where a dictatorial government governed the country. Talking about the plot, it appears around a forbidden love between Eun Yeong-Ro and Soo-Hoo. The pair falls in love at first sight only, but a shocking twist is introduced when Eun Yeong learns some surprising things about Soo-Hoo. It is shown that Soo Hoo is a North Korean spy who took everyone by surprise.

Snowdrop Episode 11 Release Date

In the previous episode, it was shown that everyone could not escape the bombing. Kang Cheong Ya, the ANSP leader, tried to convince Lim Soo Hoo to save the students and the spies belonging to North Korea. However, while attempting to escape, he was shot by one of his team members. Viewers also saw Kang Moo going through an identity crisis. After he knows that the country has already made a deal with the rival government and does not even care about the students’ lives, he gives up doing anything.

Now, the show is all set to release its episode 11. As episode 10 was released on 15th January 2022, the next episode would entertain the fans on 16th January 2022. The fans who have been watching the K-drama know that the show releases new episodes every Saturday and Sunday. The action-packed drama has managed to grab the viewers’ attention, and it is no doubt to say that it has moved past the controversy that has surrounded it once. People seem to watch the show and shower their love and support. Keep following our site, social telecast to get the latest updates on Korean dramas.


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