Sky Rojo Season 2: Release Date, Set Up, Plot and Synopsis

A few months later, Sky Rojo is returning with its second season, which Alex Pina directs. The season will release across the world in July 2021.

This dubbed series originally from Spain tells the story of three “chicas” who want to conceal their old life in a bar as prostitutes wish to enjoy their freedom from being bothered by their bosses. 

Though the first season was launched late on the 19th of March 2020, as of now, we can presume that both season 1 and season 2 were shooted back to back. 

Sky Rojo Season 2

Release Date of Sky Rojo on Netflix

Netflix for this show also has commissioned for the release of multiple seasons. As announced by Netflix on March 29, 2021, the show will return with its second season in July 2021. 

Performance of the Show in Netflix

Though it’s too early to decide how the show has performed on digital platforms like Netflix, after a few days of its release, the show has failed to satisfy its viewers and not made its place outside the Spanish region among the top 10 shows Netflix. 

Official Netflix stat related to shows will arrive in mid-April of 2021. 

Prediction for the Next Season

We can see that by the end of the first season, Coral is attempting her best to save Romeo’s life from having a cardiac arrest since a sword has passed almost through his head. But yes, as the viewers know, she is there to exit along with the passports and the money because it obstructs their liberty. 

After the CPR, Romeo heals and, after waking up, is trying to suppress Coral. 

Moses gets stuck in his car and ultimately gets buried at the construction lot. In the following season, whether he will return depends on his brother whether he will come to rescue him or not. 

As of now, it can be assumed that in the next season, too, the confrontation between the men and the women will continue. Let us know how excited you are about the second season of Sky Rojo. And what are you expecting in the second season? 

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