Simple Tricks to Download Whatsapp Status ,Videos and Photos to your android mobile

Whatsapp is one of the handiest chatting platforms. It is dominating SMS, Facebook Messenger, E-mail, etc. without question. All the other platforms are important and are functional even now, but WhatsApp has taken a part of their role for itself. Now people even use WhatsApp for official business purposes.

WhatsApp serves many other extra features such as posting status, group video calling, file transfer, etc.

Nowadays, posting a funny video or something special for us at that moment as a WhatsApp status is a thing. It is quite annoying that WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to download status posted by someone else. This article will address some simple yet quite effective tips to download or save the status in your phone.

Most users download 3rd party apps which serve only this purpose or hacked versions of Whatsapp like GB Whatsapp. As these apps are not official these can compromise your privacy. In some cases, WhatsApp may ban you for using unrecognized apps to access Whatsapp database. The trick we advised here is entirely safe.

whatsapp status

Steps using any File Manager (Android)

  1. Open the file manager pre-installed on your phone or download one from play store with good user reviews.
    Recommended: Google File Manager, Mi File Manager, Asus File Manager
  2. Go to the “Settings” of the app you have downloaded from the “options menu”
  3. Enable “Show Hidden Files” once there.
  4. Go to Internal Storage (aka Phone Storage) >WhatsApp (folder) > Media> .Statuses
  5. There you can see all the statuses available now on WhatsApp.
  6. Now long press any file(s), Photos or Videos you need to save permanently on your device.
  7. Copy it to any desired location on your device.

Remember these steps may vary in different android devices. The basic thing to do is enabling the hidden files so that you can view folders that are hidden.
This trick is not illegal in any way. The website or the author is not responsible for any misuse of the information given in this article.

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