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An engaging event took place the last Saturday 28th May 2022 when some kids seem to play an oversized game of Jamie at a block party on Edmonton’s new with a changed name Cheremosh Way. The kids played the game in an honor of the Cheremosh Dance Company on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Along with that the city of Edmonton also gets renamed 40 Streer from 114 Ave to 118 Ave to Chermosh Way. The temperature of Edmonton’s Blatchford station measured around 16°C along with westerly winds. The temperature was measured in the early hours of Sunday. Get more information on Side Plus Twitter Video.

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It is splendid to live a life filled with love and joy, having loved ones is another kind of a blessing in life. Along with the tempting weather on Sunday, all the people are quite elated and overjoying the atmosphere. But at the same time, it is being said that the temperature will be raised in the upcoming weeks. Weather reports claimed that the temperature will rise up to 27°C. It means that the scorching heat is all on its way. Some of the reports also assert that Avalance should be prepared for the following Tuesday’s burnout debuting game with the Oilers in Colorado.

Currently, the weather in the city is mostly sunny with enhanced clouds during the mid hours. There are also chances of rain, forecasters are saying that there are 30% chances of rain after analyzing the clouds in the sky. The winds in Northwesterly are blowing at the speed of 20km/h, with gusts of around 40km/h during the mid hours. Today temperature of the city is also 16°c with a UV index of 7 or maybe increased.

The chances of the shower will be retained till night the wind will be blown by the same pace the night as well. The temperature is expected to decrease by 8°C during the late hours. However, the concern of the citizen is right at their place as they are going to experience burning weather in the upcoming week.


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