Show Creators Reveal Hidden Truth Behind The Ending Of Insecure Season 5


Insecure star and co-creator Issa Rae has spoken on the show’s upcoming ending, admitting she changed the final scenes just weeks before filming.

The groundbreaking HBO series has just premiered its fifth and final season, and while fans won’t see how things wrap up until December, Rae has admitted that her original plans “didn’t feel right”.

“I think it was a good finale on its own,” she told Variety. “However, I just didn’t feel like it aligned with the story that we have been telling for five seasons, much less even this season. It felt like the ideal version.”

She further explained: “I just wanted to make an ending that felt more realistic and true to the characters.”

Show Creators Reveal Hidden Truth Behind The Ending Of Insecure Season 5

Showrunner and director Prentice Penny echoed Rae’s feelings on the matter, admitting that they wanted to balance things.

“HBO has such a history of people having strong opinions about finales,” he said. “For us, we were like, ‘OK look, we obviously want this show to be satisfying, but satisfying to us.’ Trying to guess what people want is super hard, and how can you hit that target?”

As a focal point, the team decided to look at where the characters would go after the cameras stop rolling.

“That just freed us up from all the pressure of tying it up in a bow,” Penny added. “I feel like we told every story we could, the best way we could, and just gave people what we thought was our best. I don’t know what more we could have done except making it an hour.”

Insecure wrapped filming on the final season over the summer, Rae saying at the time that she was “forever grateful” for the show and the people who made it.

“Said goodbye to some of my favorite people on Earth, on and off screen, this past week,” she tweeted at the time. “Never imagined all the doors this would open. Forever grateful to those who paved the way for us to do us.”


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