Shifting to Bangalore? 4 Tips to Simplify Life

Settling in a new city can bring a huge shift in your life. Especially when that city is a bustling and buzzing place like Bangalore, you need to get some practical tips and advice to settle with much ease. 

Bangalore attracts many people for settling purpose, given the education and immense work opportunities it offers. If you, too, are settling in this metropolitan city, we are sure you must be asking your acquaintances to give you some insights into the city.  

From accommodation to finding  Bangalore airport car rental, you need to have a fair idea of crucial things related to the city before you land there. Doing this will give you some confidence in your initial days before you eventually adapt yourself to the city well.

To ensure that you make your way into Bangalore in a much better way, here are four essential tips that can prove useful for you:

  • Learn Basic Language

Being the capital city of Karnataka, locals in Bangalore mostly speak Kannada. Though people there do understand English and Hindi as well, learn a few essential words in Kannada to get a good head start. You may feel hesitant speaking the words at first; however, this will help you initiate conversations better. You can not just learn the words but also their correct pronunciation through Youtube and other language assisting apps. A few words to include in your list may consist of the following:  

  • Good morning: Shubhodya
  • No: Illa
  • Where: Yelli
  • What: Enu
  • You: Neenu/Neevu
  • Me: Naanu
  • Food: Oota
  • Water: Neeru

Shifting to Bangalore? 4 Tips to Simplify Life

  • Identify an Effective Mode of Travelling

The city is known for its traffic jams and high auto and cab rates. While you will find plenty of autos and cabs on the road, we doubt you will like negotiating with drivers or waiting for your booked taxi to arrive as it gets stuck in a jam. Further, if you don’t like travelling by public transport either, then a perfect solution for you can be to take a rental car.

Self-drive cars offered by companies like Zoomcar give you rental cars for various durations ranging from an hour to a year. Taking this car will enable you to drive to your destination without wasting energy on negotiating with drivers or finding last minute connectivity when using the metro or bus. You can even take airport car rental Bangalore service as offered by them to enjoy the comfort of finding your booked self-drive car parked at the airport before your arrival. This airport Bangalore car rental service can be helpful for you every time you are flying to and fro from the city when visiting your hometown or elsewhere. Taking such a service will save you a great deal in the long run. 

  • Spend Wisely

Bangalore is a city with a high cost of living. New into the city, you will have many new expenses to meet. When you take a house on rent, you will be required to pay a large amount of advance money. Further, the cost of getting food-service and travelling will also add to your pocket. Therefore, when you hang out with your new friends or colleagues to make new bonds or pamper yourself when you feel homesick, make sure that you don’t overspend. We suggest you plan your weekly spending accordingly to your budget.  

  • Befriend Locals

You may look for people from your hometown on shifting to Bangalore. However, while it is good if you befriend them, it will be better if you also make friends with locals. So, reach out to your neighbours, classmates and colleagues by engaging in light conversations now and then, to know them better. Doing this will help you develop friendly relations with them and will feel better in your initial days. 

Settle Well, Live Well

Don’t be impatient when you land into a new city. Plan a few things well in advance, such as availing of Bangalore airport self-drive car service offered by companies like Zoomcar. It will ensure that you can find the parked self-drive vehicle at the airport so that you can make your way into the city better. Initially, you will also need to travel a lot to explore the city on your own. Taking a rental car can be an excellent option in such a case. Zoomcar provides a wide range of cars such as hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs, to suit your different needs. 

P.s – Once you settle well and make your own Bangalore gang, go for trips to exciting places near the city by booking an airport cab Bangalore, or an SUV when going by road.

Happy Settling! 

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