Sherri Shepherd Relives Her ‘Worst Day’ On The View


Sherri Shepherd Relives Her 'Worst Day' On The View

Sherri Shepherd’s comment on “The View” changed her life, as she explained on the September 21 episode of the “The View: Behind the Table” podcast.

“Bill Maher said I was dumber than bricks,” She recalled. “I was the second most Googled person in the nation. Wendy Williams said I could be replaced by a potato sack. It was horrible. I didn’t realize the hugeness of ‘The View.’ It was global. It was in everyone’s living room. Whoopi said, ‘If Barbara didn’t think you could do this she wouldn’t have hired you.’ Joy said, ‘When you open your mouth, half the world is gonna hate you.'” This advice made Shepherd realize how important being on “The View” was. “That big failure was a blessing. So doing ‘The View’ was the best experience of my life because I found my voice,” She agreed. 

Shepherd was able to hit her stride but struggled with Barbara Walters, show creator and co-host. “For three years ​​I cried because Barbara was so hard on me about everything,” She elaborated. Walters made a lasting impression. “She taught me how to fight [for] what I believe in and stand and defend it,” Shepherd concluded. Shepherd is able to look back with optimism on such a difficult time. 


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