Shameless Season 10: Release Date, Cast and Everything Else

It feels like an absolute miracle that Shameless’ Gallaghers are staying together. It has indeed been a very long time that the Gallaher family is together. Shameless has been one of the most successful TV Series in the world. However, in the ninth season, Showtime’s massive acclaimed show has lost a couple of its integral members, namely Cameron Monaghan and Emmy Rossum.

According to sources, Cameron Monaghan would return to the series for the 10th season. The report also suggests that Monaghan’s character will make a return for a brief yet sizeable time frame. William H. Macy is will also be back in the tenth season, but sadly Emmy Rossum is done from the series.

Shameless is back for the 10th season


As of now, it is entirely unclear as to how many episodes will the tenth Shameless series feature. By the looks of it, Shameless’ foremost eight seasons comprised 12 episodes. Moreover, the 9th season was split into a couple of seven-episode runs. Shameless is currently the most successful and long-running TV-series in the history of television broadcasting.

The president of Showtime Gary Levine said that the family of Gallagher is compelling. Moreover, this is all the more reason they should be back for the 10th season. Shameless also has a massive fan base around the world.

Release date and the cast of the tenth season

According to sources, Shameless season ten has already begun production. Nevertheless, a release date for the series is not available as of now. The complete cast and fans will feel the absence of Fiona, but Ian will be back, and this is a piece of good news for the fans.

Noel Fisher will be a full-time part of the acclaimed series. There is a highly likely chance that Kate Miner would have a massive role on the tenth season of Shameless. Most of the original cast members including Macy are going to come back for the tenth season. However, it is Rossum’s character that won’t be a part of the show anymore.

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