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Sex Education actor speaks out as fans are convinced they’re related to co-star

Sex Education series three has just dropped and the word on everyone’s lips is that Mr Groff and his on-screen son Adam look increasingly alike, as the similarities have grown even more.

Both characters go through a personality change, which softens their shells, allowing them to be their true selves.

Fans are stunned at the similarities that the father-son pair share and are convinced they must be related.

Twitter was taken by viewers of the show to express their views and highlight the striking similarities.

Alistair Petrie plays Mr Groff in Sex Education

One fan said: “I can’t tell if they actually look alike or are just really good at acting like they’re related”

While another added: “They’re also the absolute spit of one another!”

And a third penned: “This! They look alike, have the same mannerisms… it’s perfect casting and the characters are living similar arcs. Great performances.”

Alistair Petrie then took to Twitter himself to comment on the claims and said something very sweet about Connor Swindells, who he is not related to, who plays Adam.

Sex Education actor speaks out as fans are convinced they're related to co-star
Connor Swindells plays his son Adam Groff in Sex Education

He said: “This is so lovely. You both did such a wonderful job, thank you for such complicated tender portrayals!”

Other fans then replied underneath and said: “The actors who play Michael and Adam are so excellently played. And also they act like father and son. Incredible,” and: “Their twin storylines really makes my heart warm!”

And another wrote: “I thought you both were related as well! I hope to get to see more of your redemption arc next season!”

“Yes! They look alike and their acting is so good. They’re two of the most in-sync actors I’ve ever seen ridiculously good,” another stated.

Fans have been obsessed with the resemblances between the pair

Fans of the series have also gone wild for character Ruby Matthews, as she ups her sex appeal for the third series.

Mimi Keene plays the role of the meanest and most popular girl at the school.

Fans also shared their love for Ruby on Twitter with one saying: “Boyfriend won’t stop talking about how hot Ruby is in Sex Education shaking crying and throwing up right now.

While another commented on her and Adam, saying: “Adam and Ruby are the two characters that completely stood out and shined in the series. Such good performances all around. After the long setup, it was so well done. This is the best season to date.”

And another viewer added: “Ruby and Adam deserve more. I never thought that Ruby would become a hero like this.

Sex Education is available to stream on Netflix

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Sex Education actor speaks out as fans are convinced they're related to co-star
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