Severance Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

Like many other streaming giants, Apple Tv+ is also rapidly expanding its library of quality content. So, how can we ignore Severance when it comes to the finest shows streaming on Apple Tv+? It’s one of the flagships shows on the platforms, which received millions of views delivering a bombastic season. So, now, fans, we know you are craving season 2. But will there be Severance Season 2? If yes, when will it debut? Here is all we know so far. 

Will There Be Severance Season 2?

Severance Season 2

A big YES. After the immense success of Severance Season 1, the creators confirmed that there would be Season 2. Ben Stiller revealed that the team is planning an even grander season 2. 

Severance Season 2 Release Date 

As we know, Severance Season 1 took a couple of years to debut. So, season 2 will take more time. Moreover, Severance Season 2, being grander, would take more time. As per reports, Severance Season 2 is in the pre-production stage. 

Severance Season 2 Cast 

No official cast list has been revealed yet. However, considering that all the characters from season 1 were left on an unresolved note, we believe every essential character will return in Severance Season 2. 

Stay tuned as we will bring hot news about Severance Season 2 soon. 

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