Sesame Street Season 53: Release Date, Trailer and more!


Created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, Sesame Street is an educational children’s television series comprising of live-action, sketch comedy, animation and puppetry. Benjamin Lehmann has been the executive producer since 2018 and it has kept on changing since the premiere of Season 1.

The series premiered on November 10, 1969 and it ran for 52 seasons until 2021. It has aired 4,591 episodes throughout 52 seasons and has opened to positive reviews from critics and audiences. Considering the decent feedback, the makers have renewed the series for a 53rd season.

So, when is Sesame Street Season 53 releasing? What is the format? Who would come back to reprise their roles? Continue reading to know further details.

Sesame Street Fomat and Cast

Season 52

The basic format of Sesame Street initially used elements of commercial television like music, humor, sustained action and a strong visual style. They used animation and live-action short films. The staff also produced segments shot on studio with their human and Muppet cast and they contracted out animations and short films to independent producers.

However, the makers changed the format of the series from 1990s and targeted the show’s younger viewers and had a different format than the rest of the seasons. The producers brought more changes by 2002 to reflect its younger audience and the increase in their viewers’ sophistication. The structure was then changed to a narrative format making it easier for children to navigate.

Coming to the cast for Season 53, we should get to see Chris Knowings, Suki Lopez, Alan Muraoka, Violet Tinnirello, Chris Costa, Olivia Perez and Alex Weisman in the lead roles. Any new additions are expected to be announced soon.

Sesame Street Season 53 Release Date

Characters of Sesame Street

The 52nd season of Sesame Street premiered in November 2021 and it was later renewed for a 53rd season. Considering that, Season 53 should release by the end of 2022.

The number of episodes for the new season has not been confirmed yet. The makers are yet to reveal further details related to Season 53 in the next few months.

Sesame Street Season 53 Trailer

The developers have not released a trailer for Sesame Street Season 53. Until then, you can check the sneak peek of Season 52 below:


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