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Self-confessed narcissist exposes inner thoughts of an ’emotional abuser’

A diagnosed narcissist has exposed the inner thoughts of people with his disorder to help others get the help they need.

After his wife called Lee Hammock a narcissist, he began psychotherapy for Narcissistic Personality disorder (NPD).

This is a mental disorder that causes people to feel superior, have a high level of self-importance, need for attention and admiration, and lack empathy for others.

With the help of therapy and Facebook groups for people with the disorder, he can now understand the inner workings of his mind.

The 36-year-old from Reidsville, US, told Daily Star: “‘I’ve always been very manipulative and extremely good at using my words to get what I want out of people. I’ve got a huge ego but it is fragile and I don’t handle criticism well at all.

Lee Maddock
Lee Hammock speaks openly on TikTok about how manipulative he can be

“I have anger problems and experience the dreaded narcissistic rage a lot. Therapy has helped me alter my behaviours a lot. I think the main thing that I’ve gotten out of therapy is to slow down my life.

“By slowing down I mean taking time to process the information and responding in an appropriate manner as opposed to quick responses based on misinterpreting the situation which could result in an argument or unnecessary disagreement.

He now uses TikTok for education and support to others suffering from the same condition.

His @mentalhealness account now has more than a million followers on the platform and is praised by women online who have claimed he has helped them escape an emotionally abusive relationship.

Lee Maddock
Lee’s @mentalhealness account has reached more than a million followers

Although Lee says there will never be enough likes and comments in the world to make him happy because of the way his mind works, he loves helping people and achieving his goal of directing others to the right help.

He added: “Honestly when I first got on TikTok I had no idea that ‘narcissistic abuse’ was actually a thing. I was just being open about my mental health and trying to get more men into therapy.

“Only through comments and answering people’s questions did I realise the totality of everything that had been going on.

Lee Maddock
Lee Hammock was diagnosed with NPD in 2017

“I’ve been educating myself on the topic and just telling people how I’ve lived my life and why I’ve done what I’ve done throughout my life.

“I know being open about my mental health might make me a target for some people but I’m helping way more people so I can take it.

“I don’t necessarily enjoy the criticism and negativity that comes with it but I have just learned that people are typically projecting their anger from things they’ve experienced in their lives from someone that may have also been a narcissist.”

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Self-confessed narcissist exposes inner thoughts of an 'emotional abuser'
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