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The Roys descended on Tuscany for a wedding this week succession — but is anyone getting cold feet over Waystar’s takeover of GoJo?

At a Waystar board meeting, Roman informs Sandi and Stewy about the GoJo deal, and Sandi is taken aback by the news. Stewy doesn’t want to back down, though. It’s a bit awkward, with Shiv and Kendall calling in (Shiv is at home grumbling in bed) and Logan forced to stare at them through glass doors while the investigation is discussed. Roman really feels his oats, though: On the jet to Italy for his mother Caroline’s wedding, he brags that Shiv and Tom aren’t really involved in the GoJo deal — and that when he’s in charge, he’ll either fire Shiv or him his ‘sexy secretary’. (Dude…that’s your sister.) He’s also jealous that Gerri is taking a date to the wedding, and she bluntly tells him to stop sending her “the items,” aka dick photos. (If he ever becomes CEO, they should double the HR department.)

Recap ‘Success’: Season 3, Episode 8 – ‘Chiantishire,’ WeddingKendall arrives with another buzz cut: “Just got back from the front?” Caroline wonders – and he gets mad when she asks him to skip some events that Logan will be attending. Connor worries about a journalist digging into Willa’s unsavory past, and Roman dismisses Caroline’s newfound beauty as “another in the line of post-pa-chic English fakes,” urging her to propose marriage. However, she waves it all off as “un-romantic.” Greg seems comfortable with Comfry (sorry), but when Shiv and Tom push him to use her as “a date ladder,” he sets his sights on an Italian princess. Oh, and Comfry tells Kendall that he’s been asked to do a podcast interview investigating “the curse of the Roys”…including the mystery surrounding that caterer’s death at Shiv’s wedding. oh oh.

However, they all hit the panic button when Matsson tweets a cryptic message about ‘lucky’ and then a series of emojis of a game controller, an aubergine and crossed fingers. Is he trying to get his stock price ahead of the deal? Roman assures everyone he can handle it, but Shiv warns him that if this deal doesn’t go through, they’ll become the “Pan American Waystar Blockbuster Video Dial-Up Corporation”. (Permanent name.) Meanwhile, Connor decides to nip the Willa controversy in the bud by getting down on one knee: “Will you make me the luckiest man-slash-most bulletproof candidate in the world?” — and she says yes for now, but tells him she still has to “think about it”. In addition, Kendall marches up to Logan and demands a face-to-face meeting over dinner that night. Logan’s short answer, via Roman: “We’ll get back to him.”

While Shiv spends quality time with her mom on a ladies outing (“I probably should never have had kids,” Caroline confesses – thanks, Mom) and Roman leaves to meet Matsson in person, Kendall and Logan sit down for a meal. Logan is very suspicious, even having Kendall’s son take a bite of his food first to make sure it hasn’t been poisoned. “Do you think I want you dead?” asks Kendall. “I’ll be broken when you die.” He wants out and agrees to take the $2 billion payout: “You won, because you’re corrupt, and so does the world.” But Logan doesn’t want to let him go so easily, and he defends himself: “I know damn things about the world, otherwise I wouldn’t be making any money. Not necessarily nice things.” Then he cruelly brings up that caterer, “How long did that kid live before he started sucking up water?” He reminds Kendall that “when you messed up, I cleaned up your shit,” he added one last “fk out” before walking away.


Sequel Season 3 Episode 8 Tom ShivShiv returns from her night out and greets Tom with a passionate kiss: “Let’s have a baby.” She’s ready to fight for that CEO position… and she’s excited, too. When Tom says she can do whatever she wants with him, she begins to belittle him as a prelude: “You’re not good enough for me… That’s why you love me, even though I don’t love you.” He’s on it in the moment, but the next morning he feels weird about it. She laughs it off as just “dirty fun”, and she still wants to have a baby with him: “I can’t Love you, but I do Love you.” (Ah okay, that clears it up.) In a beautiful lakeside villa, Roman meets Matsson as GoJo’s stock price soars. Matsson shakes his concerns about his tweets and he still wants to close the deal, but now he’s rethinking the terms as more of an equal partnership: “I just want to give myself the best of everything.”

Roman must tell Logan the bad news: Matsson doesn’t want a takeover; he wants ‘a fusion of equals’. Logan would have to share control and the family’s share would be greatly diluted. To Shiv’s surprise, Logan seems open to it and Roman sells him the idea, “Let him have the logo. We take the wheel.” Logan is convinced and Gerri texts Roman “well done” from across the table. Roman of course replies with a picture of a cock… but he accidentally sends it to Logan! (Logan’s face, and then Roman’s, are just priceless here.) Logan storms out of the room and Shiv tells him that Roman has been “weird about Gerri” for a while. He sends her away – and calls out loudly for Roman.

He aggressively slides his phone to Roman and asks him, “Are you sick?” Roman tries to tell him that everyone is doing this these days – speak for yourself, Rome! – but Logan smokes, calls Roman “a laughing stock” and wonders if he should fire Gerri (!). Shiv pulls Gerri aside and Gerri insists “it’s okay…I can handle it.” However, Shiv wonders why she never reported this to HR, and suggests taking it straight to the board… and we can feel Shiv is calculating how to play this to her advantage. Back in the sunny Italian countryside, Kendall is catatonic on a float in the pool, holding a beer while his kids wander off. He drops the empty beer bottle into the pool… and it looks like he’s the one drowning.

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