Search Party Season 5 First Look Revealed


Search Party Season 5, starring Alia Shawkat is coming with its last season. Search Party is a dark comedy series. HBO Max revealed Search Party season 5 will release on Jan 7, 2022., and the series will have 10 episodes.

The series was first released on TBS in 2016, and after that, the series was moved to HBO Max, In Season 5 we will see the main character of the series Dory, getting into a business partnership with the Tunnel Quinn.

In the first image of the series, it was revealed that Elliott and Marc are together now,

Fans are very excited about season 5, most of the fans/ viewers who have followed the show, can’t forget the misadventures of Dory and her friends.

In the last season, we already witness that Dory has a near-death experience, and now Dory is back she got to know about the truth of life, and she’ll totally be detached from reality. In the trailer, it was also shown that Dory is in the mental facility. where our new character Tunnel Quinn is trying to accomplish something.

Search Party Season 5 Returning And New Cast Members

Search Party Season 5

There are rumors Search Party season 5 will have new characters, however, most of the original cast members will also be returning for the 5th season.

Alis Shawkat will return as Dory
John Reynolds will be back as Drew.
Meredith will reprise her role as Portia
John Early will reprise her role as Elliot.

Leave Aside Dory, if we speak about her friends they also have some not finished issues with Chip Wreck. When Chip runs away after Kidnapping and holding Dory as a hostage, and got some help from his Aunt Lyla who was trying to help him, making up stories.

There have been rumors, Search Party season 5 has some interviews and auditions for the 5th season’s new cast member, these might be rumors only. No these are not only rumored we have some new faces in the series.

Jeff Goldblum will be returning in his role as Tunnel Quinn. He’ll be Dory’s business partner. Fans are expecting more from him from the previous season.

Kathy Griffin is one of the new cast members as she was added to the cast in August. John Waters will also be seen in the new season of Search Party.


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